Cookies are little text files that collect data on your visits to websites. Almost all websites use them to improve their services.

When you add things to an online shopping basket, click around a site and return to your basket, it is cookies that are remembering what you put in there. It is a cookie that remembers you set Horley as your location for the weather forecast on the BBC site.

You can disable them

You can turn cookies off by changing your browser settings. Go to your browser’s help section to see how to do this. On Internet Explorer for example, you would just enable ‘InPrivate Browsing’

More information about how to enable or disable cookies is available on the All about Cookies website.

We want you to know what cookies we use on this site

Website statistics

We use cookies to tell us about the traffic to our site. This includes how many pages users look at during a site visit and how many different visitors the website has had. The cookies also tell us the operating system and devices that are being used to access our website and referring website information (the webpage that someone clicked to land on our site). We use Google Analytics.

As well as general analytics, we also use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting which uses aggregate data from Android/ iOS devices, and also YouTube, Gmail and Google account activity to make inferences about the age, gender and interests of the total numbers of visitors using pages on our site. This doesn't identify individuals.

We use this data to help us understand our website audience better so we can improve our communications with residents.

Please consent to the use of these cookies by completing our consent to Google analytics cookies online form.

Or if you would like to opt out of Google Demographics and Interest Reporting, or Google Analytics tracking you can change your Google settings or install the Google Analytics opt-out extension.

Website in general

We use Microsoft’s active server page technology, which in order to work sets a session cookie. The same applies to some tools like the planning application search which are JavaServer Pages. With both of these, when the visitor leaves the cookie expires. They don’t store any personal information.

We contract with Cludo search to supply our internal search engine (the search box on the top right of this page). This involves a cookie to collect information on the search terms that are being used on our website. We use this information to continually improve our web content and to make sure people can easily find what they are searching for when using our website.

3rd party cookies

Some areas of our website are supplied by 3rd party companies. They all employ their own use of cookies. Some more details on these are in the table below.

As well as the above, if a page also includes a clickable Youtube video, Youtube may set its own cookies once the video is played.

How government sites use cookies in general

Further information can be found on the page below.